I have no idea what i'm doing here...
Transformers fangirl,
l like a lot of things, but mostly Transformers
Kamen Rider, TMNT, LoK, Comics, Loki, anime and manga.
Transformers Collector and that's all...
Addict to plastic and comicbooks
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Axelait ‘s present for the frienship day in my country!, girl you’re awesome!!!

yay!!! I have a kitchen for my Transformers now, and I want to customise it to look like a Bar, I can’t wait to have my Swerve but meanwhile Maccadam is open for my TF Toys!

Meanwhile Magnus is doing some tea for the nondrinking bots

This took me like forever because I really don’t have enough space for my TF collection and I have to do it for the kitchen, I really feel sad about losing this tipe of accesories that I used to have for my barbies a long time ago.

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